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A Day for ALL Moms

Posted on: Saturday, May 10, 2014

: from The Labs :

Motherhood is a complex thing, not defined by giving birth or parenting human babies alone, at least in our humble opinion. Being a mom is a lot more than that.
We wanted to celebrate ALL moms today. Yes, those amazing people who raised and love us. Moms who fight everyday to give their children the best life. Moms who have given lonely kids a temporary or permanent home. Moms we lost, and miss dearly with every breath. Yes, all these moms are worth celebrating, everyday.
But so are the countless moms who love and care for others, regardless of species. Adoptive moms, first-time moms, foster moms… Whether you have human children or not, caring for, and loving another being with everything you are; that is part of being a mom too. So today is your day, and we celebrate you.












please be kind and give credit. All photography and text © Photo Lab Pet Photography 2014.

Favorite Cameras, Favorite Film | Bay Area Animal Photographer

Posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

: from the Photo Lab :

Every artist, no matter what medium they work in, has their favorite tools. Though I am of the belief that gear is not as important as what you create with it, we do have our favorites for sure.

A little while back, we were contacted by Lexi Vornberg of Belle Lumiere Magazine, asking if we wanted to take part in a project she is working on; no deadline, just go out and shoot each other’s portrait and favorite camera. Belle Lumiere Magazine is about film, so these portraits should be shot on film and any film camera of your choice. Of course, being total film nerds, we dove right in and this is the result: a little love letter to the things that make us the photographers we are. And while we still work with digital cameras to an extent, film has slowly been taking over (to my delight) our workflow, simply because it gives us everything we want to offer an audience, but also the sheer joy of the experience of being a photographer. These portraits were taken on a Nikon F5 35mm film camera with Fuji and Kodak film respectively.

Here they are, our favorites.


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Real Fairy Tales: The Fox and the Hound

Posted on: Friday, February 28, 2014

: from the Photo Lab :


When I was little (and ahem… to this day), I would watch or read a fairy tale a day. Back before the days of whatever digital cartoons kids watch today, there were hand-painted classics. It is no secret that my favorites always included animals; one of them being Daniel P. Mannix’s The Fox and The Hound.

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Year of the Horse

Posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014

: from The Labs :

Happy Lunar Year!

Wishing you good fortune, health and great fields to run free in.

PL_Year_of_the_HorsePin and share if you like, but please be kind and give credit. Image and text ©Photo Lab Pet Photography 2014


A Life, Wild and Celebrated

Posted on: Thursday, January 23, 2014

: from The Labs :

“We’ve come a long long way together,
Through the hard times and the good,
I have to celebrate you baby,
I have to praise you like I should…”

(Praise You by Fatboy Slim)



Our girl is two years old today. It means so much more to us knowing a very specific set of circumstances allowed for this to happen; had it not been for Sonoma Humane Society, it is no secret that Willow would likely not be alive today. Instead, she turns two, and the catchy song by Fatboy Slim phrases it perfectly, we have been through so much together, and I have nothing but praise and a heart bursting from love for her.

As a beautiful twist of fate, on her birthday, she is paying it forward, helping another fearful puppy find his legs in this world. It could not be more perfect, and beyond the sweetest of dreams.

Happiest of birthdays my darling heart. I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together.


On Winter Walks

Posted on: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

: from The Labs :

Willow at Shollenberger Park 1|21|14

Willow at Shollenberger Park 1|21|14

Winter reminds me of the sweetness of warmer days. I don’t mind the cold, and frankly, I miss the much needed rain we are supposed to have this time of year. But California is going through a drought this winter; a fact that did not become present in my mind until I realized the green was missing from our rolling hills, that “winter feeling” I cherish on cold mornings as a perfect excuse for a fat sweater and a good cup of coffee by the fire… and our beloved Shollenberger Park walk, dressed in dry, cracked sand with a multitude of marsh birds gathered wanting for the food and shelter this place supplies.

Winter walks remind me of the passage of time, relentless. But regardless, I always find comfort in this gift we fittingly call The Present, in the company of the one being that can make me aware of it: a dog. Willow will turn two years old in a couple of days, and my awareness focuses on the sound of her paws on the trail, the jingle of her tags and getting lost in her wild, yellow eyes. I loop back in my mind, to pondering the passage of time, wondering how many more winter walks we will have together… and then deciding to settle happily for this one. After all, today is a gift, drought or no drought.


Willow the Wild: Lessons in Courage from a Fearful Dog

Posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

: from the Labs :

This line from Andrea's poem went right through my heart. To read, or better yet, to hear/see the whole poem, please visit: http://bit.ly/1iRaOKl

This line from Andrea’s poem went right through my heart. To read, or better yet, to hear/see the whole poem, please visit: http://bit.ly/1iRaOKl

In May of 2012 I brought home a foster puppy with special needs. We adopted her in September and in doing so, made a Promise. Now, a year (and a little more) later, she is no longer a puppy, we continue to work hard, she has given us challenges, and endless laughs. Her name is Willow; she has made my heart ache and my life change…

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Happy Birthday My Friend, My Heart

Posted on: Saturday, November 23, 2013

: from The Labs :

Corbin represents a lot of firsts for Bill and me.
He is Bill’s first dog ever. He was our first dog together as a family. He was our first introduction to the wonderful world of dog culture in San Francisco. Because of him, I picked up my first ever copy of Bark Magazine. He was our first experience fighting and beating canine cancer (twice now). Because of him, I realized I was not happy and fulfilled at a desk job and because he taught us how precious and short life can be, we gained the courage we needed to jump, and see if we could fly, with our own small business dedicated to what he inspired: photographing companion animals.

Because of Corbin, we have made many strong friendships with amazing people. Because of this 9 year old, incredible dog, a failed-foster puppy named Willow has been able to move past fear and darkness and into sunlight and comfort. In his later years, he has become so comfortable in his skin, so heartbrakingly good and loving to everyone he meets that he has earned himself the nickname Corbin the Saint, given to him by more than one person.
He inspires me daily to do my best work; to be the best I can be for others and myself; to remember to be kind and gentle, even when it’s hard. He comes with me on my volunteer shifts at Sonoma Humane Society, and he works his magic as a calming presence for other, often very stressed and anxious dogs we evaluate. He is nothing short of magic to me.

Corbin is the Lab in Photo Lab (and Design Lab). Our logos come inspired from his likeness, an old photograph in fact. We owe this dog this impossibly cool life, one which would not be complete without him.
Today is his 9th birthday, cancer-free, and I am incredibly grateful for that and for every day we get so spend with him.

Happy Birthday My Friend, My Heart. You are indeed Corbin the Saint, the impossibly cool, and you deserve to be naughty today. ;)~


“What do I say?” ~ When words fall short.

Posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

from the Photo Lab

The response to our recent post on my brother’s loss Letter to an Old Friend, has been truly humbling. It started as a personal note, but when I could not find the right words to say to them, I wrote a letter to their beloved pup instead. Your beautiful comments, emails, notes and shares go to show how together we all are in difficult times like these, and there is a great comfort in that.

Since then, I’ve received a few emails and notes about loss, grief and not knowing what to say to comfort a loved one when they lose an important presence in their lives. I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts on that.

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Letter to an Old Friend

Posted on: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

from the Labs

My sweet, old friend:

You had a name before you were born. The idea of you came among the excitement of your parents’ engagement. I remember the day they chose it.
“Bolillo” is the name of a Mexican bread roll, the absolute best to make tortas with. Similar to a French roll, it is sweet with a toasty honey color on top and creamy white on the bottom. It fit you so perfectly, especially since the color of your coat looked a lot like the actual thing.

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