Bill Parsons and Natalia Martinez are the team behind Northern California-based Photo Lab Pet Photography and Design Lab Creative Studio.
With a shared passion for animals, their work centers around photographing them in a natural environment letting their individuality shine. They work with private and commercial clients and volunteer services to shelters and rescue organizations.
Photo Lab Pet Photography is a proud member of HeARTs Speak and honored to be a favorite to a variety of companies, organizations and publications including Bark Magazine, P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You, K9 Scrub Club, as well as the Sonoma and Marin Humane Society.
They live in Petaluma, CA supported by their pack: dogs Corbin and Willow and cats Leeloo and RT.

Our philosophy
Our world is one in which art and animals come together in a wonderful way. It is the animals who captivate. From the tame, sensitive and willing to please to the wild and majestic, they are the ones who paint the pictures and weave the tales in our lives.

We have a pretty great job. To us, a photograph can evoke emotion the way a scent brings back a memory. When we photograph animals, we capture not only their physical beauty, but their individual, unique and special personalities.
When we design or illustrate for pet industry clients, our approach is uncomplicated, with a touch of vintage while complementary for a modern culture.

As creatives in the art world, lovers of all beings in the animal kingdom and mindful students of the canine sphere, we knew our true happiness and execution of skill would come alive with animal photography, illustration and design. Combining our extensive education and professional experience, Photo Lab Pet Photography and Design Lab Creative Studio was serendipitous if not fate.

The furry brainchild
Photo Lab was born out of the kindness of a caring friend, a passion for photography and the love of a certain black Labrador.

As our black lab Corbin grew up, we always indulged in taking photos of him and his feline siblings, but it wasn’t until he was struck with cancer that we realized what those images really meant to us. Life goes by so fast, and photography has that wonderful quality that allows us to capture a moment in time.

Corbin does not collect royalties from our use of his namesake. He has asked, but we distract his request with treats.


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